Saturday, August 2, 2008

the hats for Burners

"loops" on black straw/paper fedora $55
they all have the blink or steady mode. Battery needed 1 AAA battery

"Miami heartbeat" on a white straw/paper fedora $55
side view "Miami"
the "random scribble" black straw/paper fedora $55

I can do custom pieces if they are ordered NOW NOW

light up bags neon

I "draw" with the neon wire on bags, hats,
card board, or whatever I visualize to carry the shaped light..
the spiral bag has a pink light

this is an amazing backpack, I had it vintage, painted the graffity and now re
drew it with light.
The light can blink in 2 modes and has a steady mode. takes 2 AA batteries
graff detail, it says "beast"

glow light up accessories

LED light earrings, have a tiny battery in the back,
look great even in day light $15 the pair

the colors are red, green, white, pink, blue
LED belt buckle, one can enter 200 letters, the batteries last a good 36 hours, 2 x 3V batteries
great for fun messages!! $48
it also comes in red @$45
bracelets, some change colors, some are just one color $6
take 3 batteries LR 41
blinky rings in rubber(my favorites) $5 (can't change the battery)
LED pendant on silver chain $45
can enter probably 200 letters, 2 batteries 3V
here just the rings, the 3 different lights blink in rotation